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In this chapter we would like to give a number of tips and some useful information .....

When you decorate your home you immediately think of painting, decorating, flooring and furniture of the room. Lighting is something that many  many people forgot and think of last. In the winter months you use lighting 5 hours per day. Lighting determines the functionality, atmosphere, cosiness and appearance of your interior. It is thus important to think about how you want to lighten your home. The best way to deal with lighting, is to create a lighting plan or work together with an interior designer (these people they are trained and have a good eye for detail).

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In a lighting plan you elaborate your ideas on lighting and get a good idea of ​​the influence it has on the interior.

If you (re)build is it best to create a lighting plan. In this way you prevent that you have too many or not enough connection points provided and make sure that the connection points are located in the places where you ultimately want to provide the lamps.

To make a lighting plan for a certain space, it is important to think carefully about the function of the room. Will the space be used for sleeping, cooking, relaxing, working, showering or bathing, watching television or reading? What atmosphere should the space radiate? There are a number of basic principles regarding lighting that can help you on your way ...


General lighting

General lighting is also called basic lighting . It determines the light level and is therefore indispensable in a room.. Without this form of lighting , an area will be insufficiently illuminated at night. So make sure that there is sufficient light that illuminates the room nicely and diffusely.   

You can achieve this by installing, for example, recessed spotlights or uplighters. Uplighters are lamps that the shines light upwards, where it is reflected by the ceiling and thus illuminates the space diffusely.

Often general lighting has a high light output and has a good balance between direct and indirect light.

Work lighting

Work lighting or functional lighting is directed light. You can think of lighting above the dining table or a reading lamp next to an armchair. Often this type of lighting is used at different times of the day, making it pleasant when the lighting is adjustable or dimmable. For example it is useful since a lamp can be dimmed over the dining table: when you are reading the newspaper, you need more light than when you are having a romantic dinner. Keep in mind that you do not have to look into the light source and that there is no shadow effect on the worktop. .

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to focus attention on certain parts or objects in a room . Think for example of lighting that illuminates a painting or architectural details.

Decorative lighting

The aesthetics of the luminaire are paramount in decorative lighting or atmospheric lighting. In the first place it no longer has the function of illuminating a space, but it gives a nice effect. Many of these lamps have a lower light output and stand out because of their appearance. They are an eye-catcher in your interior. A fireplace or candles also fall under decorative lighting.

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Living room

A good harmony between various forms of lighting is important. Ensure a good balance of diffuse basic lighting and accent lighting.

  • Above the dining table,  lighting can be used as general lighting, work lighting or as an atmosphere-maker.

  • Above the seating area, you can place an additional lighting at face height, or opt for a ceiling light or recessed spotlights. Pay attention for direct and bright light. In this case, dimmers are interesting because you can adjust the light intensity to the needs of the moment.

  • Accent lighting: Put enough accents, but do not exaggerate.

    • Spotlights: good solution to highlight a painting, beautiful cabinet, eye-catching construction element, .... Pay attention with glass frames. Choose a frame with frosted glass or adjust the angle of the spot.

    • Floor lamps or wall-mounted luminaires: these illuminate the wall and ceiling very attractively, but remember that beauty flaws such as air bubbles in wallpaper or cracks in the ceiling can also become visible.

    • Lighting in a display cabinet or bookcase: cheap, convenient and very attractive.

  • Above the reading corner: There are special reading lamps for this. Make sure that the light falls sideways and that it is certainly not too sharp. Otherwise you get too big contrasts, which can be annoying while reading.

  • TV corner: Try to avoid strong light points for the TV as much as possible, or make sure they are not visible in the TV. You can hang them higher or lower, that they are not in the field of view.



Ensure a well-balanced general diffuse basic lighting

  • Worktop lighting: Position lighting under wall cupboards as far away from the wall as possible, on the end of the wall cupboard. Then the light will be at its best in the center of the worktop.

  • Lighting above the cooking surface is often integrated into the extractor hood

  • If the kitchen is also used as living space, you should choose some additional mood lighting.



Observe the safety regulations of your country.

  • Good general lighting: Mostly ceiling light or waterproof spots that provide light with the correct color reproduction.

  • illumination : Spotlights above the mirror are less interesting. They often seem too bright in the face and provide bright shadows. Better are two soft lights on both sides of the mirror.



General lighting: Create a soft and warm atmosphere. Choose an indirect solution instead of direct lighting above your bed, such as lighting that you place in the curtain cabinet, hidden in the ceiling or against the wall. This creates a more pleasant atmosphere. Make sure you have double ignition so that you can switch on or off light from your bed and from the door.

  • Pedestrian lighting: is always useful to find the way to the door without disturbing your partner.

  • Reading lights: a light on the bedside table. A nice alternative is a small hanging lamp on both sides of the bed, which hang low so that they do not disturb the other person.


Hall and staircase

  • Ensure good general illumination of the staircase, where each passage and step is well lit.

  • Hang any wall-lights high enough, so that they do not shine in your eyes while descending the stairs. You can also solve this problem with a closed fixture.

  • Place the light switch in an easily accessible place: a switch with safety light is very interesting.

  • Foot lights: to safely descend the stairs at night.



Provide a good general lighting, in combination with a directional light above the work surface.



  • Complete decent general lighting with lighting above the desk.

  • Place the desk-lamp right for left-handed and left for right-handed people.

  • The desk lamp should not produce too strong a light, to avoid strong contrasts.

  • Avoid reflection on the computer screen.

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If you just hang a hanging lamp centrally above your dining table, without providing other lighting in the room, you should choose a hanging lamp that not only illuminates the table surface, but also the room itself.

Is additional lighting provided? Are there any recessed spotlights? Then you can opt for a hanging lamp with only downward light. The table will be nicely accentuated while the room itself is illuminated by the additional lighting.

It is convenient that the additional lighting (in this case the recessed spotlights) is equipped with a dimmer switch. If you need a lot of light you can open the switch completely. If you prefer to sit cosy at the table, you can dim the light.

hoe verlichting ophangen

lighting directed at the table with additional lighting (spotlights)

How to hang a lamp

central lighting   with a high-light dispersion



The ideal  height of the pendant lamp always depends on the application, the type of luminaire and the way of lighting. Above a dining table you hang the lamp at eye level. Above a cooking island it is hung above eye level.

Sitting at the dining table, your line of sight will be under the hanging lamp and your view is not interrupted by the lamp.

At a cooking island, you are usually standing up. With the hanging lamp being at eye level,  it blocks your view to the rest of the room. So be sure to hang the lights here above eye level.

op welke hoogte een lamp hangen

Note: If a luminaire with concentrated downward light above your dining table is approximately at eye level, you might get a light circuit on your table and the edges of the table are not completely illuminated.

Solution: hang the lamp higher to increase the light beam on the table. Always match the opening angle, distance and diameter of the light beam to the table.

hanging lamp at eye level (standing)

hanging lamp higher than eye level so that this does not obstruct the view




Adjust the lighting to the element that you want to illuminate.

Do you have a short, square or round table? Then choose a 'central' form of lighting.

Do you have a long table or a long cooking island? Go for an 'elongated' form of lighting or several hanging lamps next to each other

hoe stel ik verlichting af

short, square or round table

how to adjust a lamp

long table; spread light



With accent or decorative lighting you will determine the atmosphere and give character to your interior. They are lamps that form an eye-catcher in the room because of their beautiful design. They can illuminate objects or parts of the room.

A beautiful floor lamp can be very decorative and also serve as a reading lamp.

A floor lamp that illuminates the ceiling provides a very nice light distribution, going from the ceiling into the room creating a pleasant and warm feeling.

how to create atmosphere with lighting

hanging lamp as decorative lighting

standing lamp as reading or mood lighting

sfeer creëren met verlichting

standing lamp illuminates the ceiling

gezelligheid creëren

hanging lamp both as accent and decorative lighting


Multiple hanging lamps in group usually means several connection points.

Choosing multiple hanging lamps as a group, you most certainly will have to provide multiple connection points.

There are luminaires consisting of several lamps coming together at one connection point (such as the "ARTEMIS" hanging lamp from the TOKO collection).

With a false ceiling you can decide where the lighting will be connected.

When designing a lighting plan before (re)building, you can plan where and how you want to group the lamps and thus provide the necessary connection points in the right place. If you do not have several connection points, there are accessories with which you can lead several lamps to one connection point.

Note: A hanging lamp originally comes with a cord length of 1.20 m, which is more than sufficient for a standard ceiling of 2.50 m. If you like the lamps to be further apart and connect them to one point, or if you like the lamps to hang further from the connection point, you can order the desired cord length when  buying a lamp.

verlichting plaatsen

false ceiling - you can freely determine where you place the lighting.

verlichting tips

only one connection point – you can decide where to place the lamp by using the 'ceiling cord attachment'.

This 'ceiling cord attachment' is available in the shop.

Note: Note that extra cord length must be selected when purchasing a lamp.


connection point is not at the place where you want the lamp - you can decide where to put the lamp by using the 'ceiling cord attachment'.

This 'ceiling cord attachment' is available in the shop.

Note: Note that extra cord length must be selected when purchasing a lamp.


There are two ways you can adjust the height of the hanging lamp:

     - by using the strain relief at the ceiling cap.

     - by using a cord clip.

Note: A hanging lamp normally comes with a cord length of 1.20 m, which is more than sufficient for a standard ceiling of 2.50 m. If you prefer the lamp hanging further away from the connection point or you would like to enlarge the distance between the separate hanging lamps connected to one connection point, it is possible to order the desired cord length when buying a lamp.

lamp plaatsen

adjust hanging lamp in height by using a cord clip.

verlichting in hoogte aanpassen

adjust hanging lamp in height by using the strain relief at the ceiling cap - Loosen the strain relief (not completely). Now you can move the cord freely to the desired height. Then you tighten the strain relief again.  

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